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Summer 2024 Tutoring: Vancouver, WA

Posted on by Gold Star Tutoring

Is your student ending the school year lacking proper math and reading skills? Are you nervous about the increased expectations next school year will bring? Are you tired of the battle to get your child to learn from you? With 15 years of experience, Gold Star Tutoring is here to help! . . . Boost […]

How can you get the most out of parent-teacher conferences?

Posted on by Gold Star Tutoring

Conference Time usually only comes around twice a year: fall and spring. In the fall, teachers hardly know much about your student’s reading and math foundations. In the spring, they usually have a list of concerns or goals to reach before the upcoming fall.  How can we better prepare for these conferences to get proper […]

One calculator does it all!

Posted on by Gold Star Tutoring

When students enter seventh grade, teachers will allow them to use calculators on their math homework. This calculator should only be used for harder calculations that make longer problems more efficient. It is not meant to slow our students down by putting in every 4 x 5 or 20 + 17. The relationship with a […]

Summer Tutoring, Clark County, WA

Posted on by Gold Star Tutoring

Keep the Reading & Math Going this Summer 2022 in Clark County, Washington! Did you know we have Summer Programs? We get asked a lot, “Are you open in the summer?” The answer is, YES!  After a year like this, a little ‘Summer Slide’ in your student’s skills can end up zapping their confidence and potentially […]

Now Serving Battle Ground, WA, Ridgefield, WA & Vancouver, WA

Posted on by Gold Star Tutoring

Students all over our region need more support to be successful learners. We are working to bring the Gold Star Tutoring experience to even more communities. We are excited to announce that: We will be closing our home location in La Center, WA to open THREE wonderful new locations this month! We will be open […]

Why students mix up their b’s and d’s and how to fix it

Posted on by Gold Star Tutoring

Many students struggle with lowercase b/d confusion… This is often due to how their eye dominance lines up with their dominant writing hand. Not all students who display signs of a language delay have confusion with b/d, so why only some? After years of working with students on language delay spectrums at Gold Star Tutoring, […]


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