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Dyslexia Tutoring Vancouver WA

Looking for Dyslexia Tutoring in Vancouver WA?

Melissa Fox of Gold Star Tutoring working with a student in need of dyslexia tutoring

Dyslexia makes learning tough. Students learning to manage their dyslexia not only have to comprehend coursework material like other students but have the added challenge of second-guessing themselves when processing written notes too. As classes become more difficult, Dyslexia can lower a student’s self-esteem, and they may become frustrated when they wonder if they’re misinterpreting directions. At Gold Star Tutoring, we provide tutoring services that will truly help these students learn to the best of their ability. That’s why we developed our own language program, complete with 5 different levels of phonetic advancement.  Gold Star Tutoring found a need for a more tactical, multisensory approach that students with poor memory processing can retain and bring the skills forward in their daily lives. 



Dyslexia affects more than reading

While commonly associated with reading, Dyslexia can make learning in other areas harder too. With tutors in reading, science, math and history and more, our team works together to provide the best possible learning environment.

  • Dyslexia affects math too. It can make it hard for a student to understand what a math problem is asking, even if they understand all the fundamentals.
  • Dysgraphia, the difficulty of writing words and symbols, often comes hand-in-hand with Dyslexia, making self-expression complicated.
  • A student with Dyslexia may struggle with proper tongue placement when saying certain sounds. We can help correct minor speech impairments throughout our lessons!

Dyslexia Tutor Vancouver WA

Our staff works together!

We want to do our best for each student. With tutors specializing in different areas, our open communication means a tutor has a nearby expert available to help answer difficult questions. Whether you want a student to try our signature reading approach or help with any other subject, our private tutors are happy to help!

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We keep up-to-date on teaching methods and best practices to give each student the best tutoring experience possible!

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