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Private Tutoring at Our Center or Online

Some of the most intelligent & imaginative students are discouraged and convinced they aren’t capable of educational success because they struggle to focus.

At Gold Star Tutoring, our quiet space and unique teaching methods allow these students to build the proper skill set so they can finally thrive!

We work with students one-on-one. We offer in-person tutoring at our professional facilities located throughout Clark County, WA and online Zoom sessions as well as in your home by special request. Each of our classrooms is equipped with the latest in learning technologies and tools to give your student every advantage possible.

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We can help your student succeed with great tutoring

Every student is different. They have different needs in order to be successful. If those needs aren’t addressed, they will continue to suffer.  We help students with a variety of subjects and offer support in many ways that help you get back to being the parent you want for your kiddo rather than always chasing them around about schoolwork. 

More than just tutoring.  Did you know that we…

  • Track missing assignments
  • Provide Homework support
  • Email Teachers & communicate with schools
  • Prepare students for tests
  • Track grades using Skyward 
  • Offer personalized instruction based on student needs

You don’t have to be able to do it all.  Let us help support your student’s success!

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Reading / Writing / Spelling Foundations for K-5th

The most common cause of difficulties acquiring early word reading skills is a weakness in the ability to process the phonological features of language. Phonological and Phonemic Awareness can be measured at an early age and remediated with proper instruction. We implement the gold standard in private reading support. Our approach is a multisensory, structured, sequential style teaching the phonic families of the English language. These lessons also focus on handwriting mechanics, basic speech articulation and strengthens memory processing difficulties. 

  • Math. Math is an area where many students have difficulties due to the material building upon previous lessons. It can be hard to catch up on your own. We have multiple math tutors available at any given time so students can come by when it works best for them. We can help any age student. We focus on multi sensory hands on techniques for helping elementary aged students with basic math foundations and our college students get the support they need with higher level concepts and courses.  
  • Science. Like math, many areas in science rely on previous knowledge. Some of the most common areas where students come in for help are Physics and Chemistry. With one-on-one lessons, many students gain a further understanding after only a few sessions. Science and Technology are being emphasized more than ever in schools.  Your student needs to feel confident in their science skills to progress well.  
  • English. It’s much more than reading and spelling, especially at the high school level. We are instantly judged in life by our grasp of language and success in other subjects rely on a solid ability to express yourself with words. Strong English skills will give them a leg up in life. Whether the student needs help with a book report or with formatting a personal essay, our tutors have the skills to assist them.   
  • History. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. Whether that’s US History, World History, Washington State History or studying current world problems, students can come by our tutoring center and get the help they need. We don’t rely on memorizing dates and facts, but rather we help connect the stories of our past to the relevant knowledge needed for a successful future. 
Do you have a student challenged by dyslexia? Our reading tutors are trained to help! While using our own signature approach, our tutors offer a multi-sensory method of learning with each successful lesson building upon the last. Notable improvements in reading and writing have been seen in several of our past students in just a matter of weeks!

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Why work with us?

At Gold Star Tutoring, we want to help every student possible. This includes homeschool students, ESL and international students, students with learning disabilities and even private school students that don’t have access to a personal tutor. 

We utilize the latest in teaching techniques and are constantly finding new ways to reach students where they are. Tutors tailor their sessions to the individual student and learn what works best for them. 

Because we offer one-on-one tutoring sessions and small groups both online and in person, students don’t have to compete with others for the attention of the tutor. For more information or to set up an appointment with one of our tutors, call or contact us today! 

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What are people saying?

I have been going to Gold Star Tutoring for homework support for many years and I don’t know what I would do without their awesome team of teachers! Math is difficult for me, but going to tutoring each week has helped me understand it so much better and it gives me the confidence I need to show up to class prepared.”   -Amanda Edwards   (Student)

“We love the results we are seeing as parents and the compliments we are getting from teachers. We’ve been going to Gold Star for almost a year and believe it to be well worth the money to improve our daughters confidence and reading abilities.”    Trisha Moore (Parent)

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