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Reading Tutor Woodland

Could you use a reading tutor in Woodland?

Reading Tutor Woodland

Some people love reading, devouring book after book with fervid intensity. And for others, it’s the opposite. Reading is something they dread, possibly even fear, because they don’t seem themselves as talented in comparison to their peers. This can be especially terrifying in social situations like when the teacher goes around the room and has each student read a paragraph. At Gold Star Tutoring, we provide a safe environment for practicing reading without embarrassment or ridicule. When you’re in Woodland and need a tutoring service to help improve reading, you won’t find anyone nearby that will create individualized lesson plans, stay in touch with teachers, provide measurable feedback, and help students shine to the best of their ability like we will.

How do you spell Hippopotamus? Because English has so many rules and unique word usages, spelling can be tough! Our reading tutors are happy to help students sound out tough words and teach them techniques that can improve their spelling.

How can your English tutors provide assistance?

Because reading is crucial in all subjects, we don’t take it lightly. Our tutors for English help in all aspects of reading and writing, such as:

  • If a student is assigned a book for class, we can alternate reading out loud and then have the student take a turn to help reduce reading anxiety.
  • Throughout this process, we’ll also discuss literary elements such as plot and characterization to make sure they are comprehending the story.
  • Book reports are a common school assignment. Along with aiding students in reading, we’ll help them write up their findings in a book report too.
  • Have a student dealing with Dyslexia? Using our signature approach, we can make great strides in helping your student learn how to read, write, and spell while learning the Phonetic rules of the English language along with all its pesky exceptions.

Reading Tutoring Service in Woodland WA

We work with private and homeschool curricula too

Homeschooling parents can be at a loss if they have a child who is struggling in a subject they aren’t strong in. Our one-on-one tutors are here to help. Tutors are trained in many methods and can find an approach that’s effective for each individual student. This includes experience working with ADD and ADHD students as well. We can even help ESL students gain fundamental skills in reading and writing that will benefit them throughout their education. So when you’re in Woodland and looking for a tutor for reading or any other subject, give us a call or contact us first.

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