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Now Introducing, Preschool / Kindergarten Fall 2024





Classes Start September 3rd


  • Ages 3-4yrs.
  • Tuesday/Thursday 8:30-11:30



  • Ages 4-5yrs.
  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday 8:30-11:30



  • Ages 5-6yrs.
  • Monday-Friday 8:30-2:30



6511 E. 18th St.

Vancouver, WA 98661

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Why Gold Star?

Gold Star Tutoring was founded in 2009 with a passion to serve students who might otherwise be overlooked in a traditional classroom setting. With our team of teachers, we have truly created a one of kind space. It is here your student will find their focus, as they enhance their language and math skills. Our unique teaching strategies allow our students to strengthen their memory and retention skills, so they can finally progress.


We Provide Personal Tutoring

One-on-one sessions provide your student the attention and personalized skills they need at an accelerated pace

In-Person Tutoring: Our three conveniently located learning centers in SW Washington are excellent places to safely work with students in person.

On-line Zoom Tutoring: Our tutors meet with students online when they can’t make it to our classrooms. By utilizing Zoom, we are able to help students through all the usual challenges no matter where they are in the world!

We are Reading & Language Specialists

Elements of Successful Language Programs Other Language Programs Gold Star Tutoring 5 Level Phonetic System
Multisensory Techniques used in every lesson
Fix incorrect letter pathways in writing including b/d confusion
Teach tapping as a decoding technique Hand signals for short vowels
Teach individual sounds & the 6 syllable types
Incorporating basic speech therapy practices
All non-phonetic words show up as red in sequenced writing and reading lessons.

Come to us for tutoring services in the Vancouver WA region

Individual tutors are an excellent option for many students.

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Our math tutors work on everything from basic to advanced topics

Math can quickly become overwhelming for students if they get stuck on a topic.

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Having trouble getting your kid to focus?

Download our free guide to help you child focus at home


Clark County WA Tutoring | Gold Star Tutoring | Home School Tutoring | Dyslexia Tutoring

Dyslexia Tutoring with Gold Star Tutoring

Tutoring services can make all the difference in a child’s education. As many as one in five young students experience persistent difficulty reading despite good intelligence, motivation, and schooling. Students who struggle with reading, writing, spelling, comprehension, and vocabulary growth at their grade level could have a degree of Dyslexia. It’s not always obvious when someone experiences Dyslexia. It can actually go undetected for years in children without their parents or guardians noticing. Because it’s complex and doesn’t present itself in a way that’s visible to others, people unfamiliar with the symptoms may not know what to look for.  

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Home School Tutoring & Alternative Schooling Students

Not every student attends public schools. Some go to private schools with a personalized focus area or are home schooled.

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SAT Tutoring, SAT Prep, and Standardized Test Preparation Assistance

The SAT, ACT, AP tests, and college placement exams are important and can greatly influence a student’s career path.

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Embarrassed to read in school?

There are few worse situations in school than being embarrassed about reading and writing skills. We provide a quiet, safe environment for our students where they don’t have to worry about somebody making fun of them. Whether a student is having trouble learning common terms or is an avid reader, having a comfortable, judgment-free zone allows them to relax and focus on learning.





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